Pedantic is a project of Brocke Addison


I have been a biochemist in neuroscience for nearly a decade developed a consulting firm in behavioral analysis. How people think, make decisions and behave has been the central research of my professional life. 

In the last year I joined a band, Serein, as lead vocalist. Now music is dominating my life. 

So far, I write all the content and shamelessly self promote. In the last 2 years I went from being a weird, introverted research scientist spending most days alone looking through microscopes in a dark lab to being very social and having some amazing conversations with brilliant people. Many of the articles here are the products of long philosophical rants or from notes i've tried to decipher after climbing trees* and listening to Pink Floyd.

As this project develops, I will likely begin to overshare and lose myself in these things so we'll see how long it lasts.