The Immortal Super Computer

There is a certain thought experiment I like to explore because it gives me bigger perspective. I imagine that when I die, there is a massive computer and database where you can recall any statistics about your life and how you lived it. 

After you've had your fill with all the novelty questions:

How many times did I masturbate?

How much time did I spend in traffic?

How many dirty dreams did I have about my hot next door neighbor?

You'll actually begin to discover some really interesting data about how you lived. 

What kind of results would you want to see? Would you measure up to the person you wanted to be? Did you live a life you're proud of?

A notable metric I always return to in my head is the question: 

'How much time did I spend doing things that I didn't enjoy?'

Doing things you don't enjoy is a necessary evil in life. You talk to your mom about her medical ailments to comfort her, you take required classes you aren't interested in at all, you help friends move. However, why inflate this number if unnecessary? In my hedonistic opinion, this statistic is probably one of the more significant ones to keep an eye on while you're living in 'real time'. 

So many of my friends and family spend their lives working jobs that make them miserable, stay in unhappy relationships, and live lifestyles they are convinced are what they want, but I feel like seeing this metric in our lives would put things in perspective. What is actually important to you? My time is the most valuable thing I have and I won't trade it for things, money or people without considering what impact it will have on this statistic.